• De re metallica (Latin for On the Nature of Metals (Minerals)

    De re metallica (Latin for On the Nature of Metals (Minerals)) is a book cataloguing the state of the art of mining, refining, and smelting metals, published in 1556.


  • Thomas Malthus, An Essay on the Principle of Population

    The discussion about the use of natural resources by society is held in the economic thought since the very beginning. and date back to 1798 with the publication of 'An Essay on the Principle of Population', by economist Thomas Malthus. Read more


  • David Ricardo, Principles of political economy and taxation

    Meanwhile, in 1817, economist David Ricardo’s ‘Law of Diminishing Returns’, in is book Principles of political economy and taxation, also warned off the limits of natural resources. Read more


  • The Club of Rome: 'Zero Growth'

    The first concerns about the large amount of materials that are not reused by society and then turn into an environmental problem and their consequences were formally recognized at the Club of Rome meeting in 1968. Read more


  • Stockholm Conference

    Two groups empowered the discussions: the developed countries, which advocated 'zero development', and the less developed nations, which defended ‘development at any cost'. Read more


  • CETEM start operating in 1978

    CETEM is a research institute under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation – MCTI, which, since it started operating in 1978, has been devoted to technological development in areas related to mineral technology. Read more

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  • Created the World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED)

    Some years later, in 1983, the United Nations created the World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED). Read more


  • The Brundtland Report (Our Common Future)

    In 1987, the Brundtland Report (Our Common Future) was released, one of the first global efforts to compose an agenda for a paradigm shift in the model of human development. Read more


  • The Brazilian Constitution of 1988

    The Brazilian Constitution of 1988, or the 'Citizen Constitution', was the first to mention the environment. Read more


  • CETEM in Science, Technology and Innovation system

    In 2000 CETEM migrated to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.Read more

  • Inclusion of the principles of Sustainable Development

    A set of environment-oriented requirements started being incorporated into CETEM. With the democratization process in the whole country, a set of demands and environment-oriented requirements started being incorporated into CETEM for the first time and in a very clear way. Read more


  • The Poconé Project, Pantanal – Mato Grosso

    In 1991, CETEM was approved by the Congress to carry out a large Environmental Technology Program that culminated in the execution of the “Mercury Project – Poconé”, a pilot project of national stature. Read more


  • Rio92

    Twenty years later the international community met again to discuss the issue in the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), better known as ECO 92, Rio 92, or Earth Summit, in Rio de Janeiro, 1992. The meeting’s main objective was to seek ways to reconcile economic and social development with the conservation and protection of the Earth's ecosystems

  • Agenda 21

    Agenda 21 can be defined as a planning tool for building sustainable societies in different geographic bases, which combines methods of environmental protection, social justice and economic efficiency. Read more

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  • CETEM results in Rio 92

    Project results on indigenous areas, the environment and their interrelationships with the mining activity were reported at Rio 92.

  • Prospecting studies for new materials and Sustainable Development. Read more

  • Ornamental Rocks in Santo Antonio de Pádua – Rio de Janeiro

    In the project ‘Ornamental Rocks in Santo Antonio de Padua – Rio de Janeiro’, in 1997-2000, CETEM carried out treatment of wastewater generated by sawmills of Santo Antonio de Padua for water and rock fines recovery to avoid silting of the region’s rivers and streams. Read more

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  • The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

    At the Millennium Summit in September 2000 the largest gathering of world leaders in history adopted the UN Millennium Declaration, committing their nations to a new global partnership to reduce extreme poverty and setting out a series of time-bound targets, with a deadline of 2015, that have become known as the Millennium Development Goals. Read more

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  • Método Alegra: Alternative method for Mercury determination in environmental samples

    This is an alternative, low-cost method for determining mercury levels in environmental samples. Read more

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  • Negative and harmful impacts from coal mining in the State of Santa Catarina

    The Center also works on remediation through mitigatory immobilization, aiming to stop the negative and harmful impacts from coal mining. Read more

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  • Rio+10 agenda and the mining activities

    Preparations for the next meeting of the World Summit on Environment in Johannesburg led to several actions in the context of mining.

  • RIO+10 has made progress, such as advances concerning the means used to punish companies that pollute the environment and the establishment of mechanisms to have countries share the profits from international exploitation of their resources. Read more

  • Global Mercury Project

    CETEM also took part in an international competition to carry out research projects under scope of the ‘Global Mercury Project - Removal of Barriers to the Introduction of Cleaner Artisanal Gold Mining and Extraction Technologies’. Read more

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  • Projetos Tecnológicos ligados ao meio ambiente (2004-2006)

    Nesse projeto, apoiado pelo CTMineral/CNPq, foram desenvolvidos dois materiais à base de vermiculita (mineral do grupo das micas): o primeiro, um absorvente para uso em derramamento de compostos de petróleo em superfícies aquáticas (proveniente das atividades de transporte de petróleo e derivados). Read more


  • Opalas, Pedro II - PI

    The project ‘Opala’s Local Productive Arrangement’, in 2005, to solve the conflicts between farmers and business people in the region of Pedro II, 200km from Teresina (Piauí State).

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  • The issue of gender and child labor

    The issue of gender is still incipient at CETEM, but it had a mark on the Center with the accomplishment with the accomplishment of the Conference Cycle ‘"The issue of gender and child labor in South American small-scale mining”. Read more

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  • Inovation - Process of dry concentration to the phosphate–apatite ore

    The project ‘Technological Characterization of the Ore from Angico dos Dias/Caracol (States of Bahia and Piauí): Seeking to Use Phosphate and Rare Earths’, had the main goal to develop a process of dry concentration to the phosphate–apatite ore, given the shortage of water in the region.


  • Urban mining

    Recycling of mineral goods present on the final products of mass consumption, mainly equipment and sophisticated electronic devices that become quickly obsolete, is concentrated on urban centers, where the vast majority of the Brazilian population is located nowadays. Read more

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  • Ornamental rocks’ residues

    During the production of dozens of non-metallic goods, many residues are disposed of by productive enterprises, presenting risk to the environment and human health. Read more

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  • Estudos prospectivos e bancos de dados

    Dois bancos de dados: o MineralData reúne e organiza eletronicamente séries históricas dos principais bens minerais e de alguns produtos da primeira transformação mineral brasileiros; o INFOMIMET é um guia eletrônico que disponibiliza informações importantes para o setor minerometalúrgico. Read more

    Agrominerais - MineralData - INFOMINET

  • Soapstone art in Mata dos Palmitos – Minas Gerais State

    The rural community of Mata dos Palmitos, Ouro Preto, (Minas Gerais State) has used soapstone on their art crafts for nearly one century. The activity was performed in a rudimentary way and caused large amounts of mineral dust emission, putting in risk workers’ health and causing a great environmental impact. Read more

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  • Inovation – industrial minerals based on samples of zeolites

    Use industrial minerals based on samples of zeolites collected in the States of Maranhão (MA) and Tocantins (TO). The mineral products modified in laboratory gradually release nutrients to the plants improving soil fertility and water retention.


  • The Xingu-Tapajós aquatic ecoregion

    CETEM’s greatest experience in multidisciplinary works performed in the Brazilian Amazon. A successful proposition for the coordination of a group effort of more than ten national scientific institutions. Read more


  • Unused metal mining

    On the subject of unused metal mining, the recovery of secondary metals on large companies’ gold mining, the reuse of minerals present on residues of a copper mine, also the recovery of metal values contained on zinc residues, and also the low-content ores have been accumulating due to the exhausting of high-content deposits.


  • ‘Large Mines and mineral-based Clusters x Local Community'

    21 case studies were performed (14 great mines and 7 Clusters). Read more

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  • Estudo de caso de Santo Amaro (BA) e Queimados (RJ) (CENTRES)

    Linhas programáticas direcionadas às demandas de sustentabilidade ambiental e social das atividades mineradoras, buscando estratégias para solucionar os passivos ambientais. Read more

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  • Inovation - reduce the content of sulphur of Criciúma

    The process’s main goal is to largely reduce the content of sulphur, so the waste can be disposed of without causing environmental impact, i.e., without generating acid drainage. Read more

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  • Positive change on the residues regulatory mark

    Brazil recently changed the residues regulatory mark, contemplating mining residues. Read more

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  • Inovation - high-pressure roll

    The efforts on energy reduction and savings are also applied in another project, whose goal is to simulate and scale high-pressure roll presses aiming to apply on the grinding of rocks for crops.


  • Rio+20

    In June 2012, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development takes place in Brazil, better known as Rio+20.